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As former King of England (I chose to abdicate to be with my commoner wife, Julia Roberts) and owner of Microsoft (Bill Gates just fronts for me), I've been privileged to drive all of the finest automotive vehicles. Since the track that we had built on the yacht is only a 1/4 mile oval (we did have to accommodate the ballroom after all, and still fit through THE canal) I have been unable to put in many of my usual 200+ mph laps, but , as Mario, Sterling and I were saying the other day in St. Bart's, those MB's certainly perform well for a passenger car. My '84 300SD (I only have it to identify with the common man) actually lapped Gunther's Testarosa the other day (such fun).

Well, I have to go change the oil now....oops.ahh..hem...haw..I don't care about money... honest.. I use Mobil 1.
The Golden Rule

1984 300SD (bought new, sold it in 1988, bought it back 13 yrs. later)
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