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If I took my car into the shop for a problem, and they did a buncha work on it without my authorization, They would not get one cent from me, and They would not be allowed to keep my car either.

I'd have my attorney down there so fast, the shop wouldn't know what hit em except a big fat lawsuit and a visit from OSHA....

If they didnt call or have previous authorization to get the work authorized then they are liable to take a loss for the repairs done, as far as I see it.

Sounds to me like they didn't diagnose the problem properly. Are you sure the work was done at all? Perhaps they just reset the computer? I'd definately have a second opinion done by another mechanic if possible, and I'd definately look for proof of the work that was done.

I have heard many stories of mechanics who charged for parts they never installed. This is why its so hard to trust mechanics nowadays.

I'm glad I have always used good mechanics like the people who post here and frequent this board. It really sucks to see that you have spent a big wad of cash for a problem that has not gone away. I definately would not pay one cent more for any repairs to fix that problem especially if everything else you did had no effect.

Damn I wish you lived in LA Benzmac... you'd be the one doing any repairs for my car, my dads sl600, and my brothers 380sl..

I really hope everything works out for you, there is nothing worse than knowing your beautiful car is sick.

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