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Dmitry, Dmitry,

The unauthorized work and $1400 bill is a real horror story. The fact that the Check Engine light is on again makes it all the worse. My feeling is that you should take your car to a dealer (maybe M-B of Doylestown) or independent shop that will fix your car right the 1st time, rather than taking your car back to the old shop. Further dealings with them may just cause more headaches and more money down the drain. Would you kindly let me know the name of the shop you went to, as I certainly want to be aware of it (or should I say "beware of it"). You might want to e-mail me directly. I can send you the business card of an independent shop in Norristown, PA, that might be of interest to you. I've not had any work done there (my car is still under warranty), but I've met the shop owner at local MBCA Tech Sessions, and have been impressed with his knowledge and integrity.

1995 S420
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