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Hi Kevin,
I had the exact thing happen to me, again just pull the electric plug fro the Aux Water pumb located under the hood, passenger side just behind the headlight ahead of the passenger side front tire. Do not pull the water hose, just pull off the electrical plug. Then the regular blower will work and you will still have full functioning of the ACC. The service department did not want to believe this was the problem till I showed them that the system would return to normal operation when the the aux. water pump was disconnected... made a beleiver out of them. I understand you will want to leave this unplugged until you have the pump replaced as if you leave it plugged together for a long period of time the overcurrent situtation (which is what is causing the shutdown in the first place) can in fact damage the ACC system circuit board. Once the aux. water pump is disconnected you can still use the car, you will still have heat all defrost / heat funcitons... it may just take a short time longer for "hot" heat. Hope this helps.

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