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1990 300e over heated now no internal blower fan comeing on.

We had an issue last week we were driveing home and the Water Pump bypass hose blew out. (What a pain to replace that on a Sunday)

Since we were stuck in holiday traffic I switched the cars heater on as I was pulling over to try and take some heat off the motor (Was desperate)

When I did turn the heater on I heard the gurgling sound of liquid behind the dash, the fan kick in at high speed then stop.

Now the blower motor fan does not want to come back on.

When at speed you can feal cool air passing through the vents, but no fan. I checked the normal fuses that I could find under the dash but all seam fine.

ALso one of the 2 fans in front of the rad no longer kicks in. The smaller fan just stays off, someone said its blown and replace it, but again Im curious if there is a realy or a fuse. I put a meter across the fan power leads and see no normal short you would see in a blowin fan motor, as well the fan spins freely.
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