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Many of the above statements are true, but most are based on experience with older diesels. New diesels are relatively quiet, and quick. I constantly have to tell people, "by the way, this is a diesel"...

- Far better fuel economy and range - I get 50mpg and 750miles per tank on my TDI. Who cares if there's no diesel at every station when you have 750 miles to find one? I also can go 10,000 miles between changes with great oil analysis results.
- Increased durability
- low maintenance
- Diesels usually DO make WAY more torque than gasoline cars with similar horsepower, and at a lower rpm.
- ability to run biodiesel with no modifications, which is renewable and low emissions
-you get funny looks from truckers and gas station attendants at the pump.
- Its fun when the attendant runs out in a fury to stop you from filling the 'wrong' fuel into your car

- Not hot rods if that's your thing
- Increased emissions vs gas cars using straight #2 Diesel
2004 Ram 2500 Cummins HO
2000 Jetta TDI
1999 E300 (sold)
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