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i personally do not like the taillamps of most of the new cars, as they lack distinctiveness. This is particularly true of the new E-class. That of the CLK coupe looks particularly cheap. Maybe MB went overboard in trying to appeal to a broader audience.

on the other hand, all its designs are still timeless (though I feel that the new SL's styling is over-wrought).

the new cars are undoubtedly safer, more efficient, and handle better. But I miss the bank-vault sound of closing doors and the paint quality that seemed to go downhill after the 95 E-class. And I prefer the traditional Bruno Sacco 124 look.

one new model that i really like though, is the new E-Class wagon (they did a very good job with the rear look). I'll take one with a 320CDI or 400CDI engine and 4Matic.

i hope the new models will sell well, if only for me to afford a 94-95 E320 or E420 ...
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