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You can also purchase a MityVac so you can test the different lines/actuators for their ability to hold a vacuum; ones that don't should be replaced. You can also quantitatively test to see what vacuum your engine driven pump can pull, so you have a better idea about it's condition. This is the easy way to make sure that everything is properly working and connected, if you are scrupulous. Also, you can purchase kits for different sources that sell all the litttle replacement vacuum connections throught the car. Might be a good time to do so, if you find that it's the rubber that's the problem and not a loose line. Finally, if for some reason you want to change out the start-stop pneumatic actuator for the IP, don't! This is the one very precise and delicate job that I believe should be left to qualified shops with insurance... as we find too many occurances where the engines literally run-away because of a slight misalignment etc.

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