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multimeter and O2


I disconnected the O2, plugged one contact of the mm to it and the other to any ground, if I remember correctly, it'll show you the readings, if you get negative ones, just switch the contacts. The O2 does not create any current flow, just a potential difference. If you have a digital multimeter you can just use it as an extension of the O2 between it's connections and it will show you the voltage as well, only digital ones will do this because they have to convert resistance and current to voltage. I did it this way to test it on the road, worked like a charm, but after adjusting the mixture I found that the O2 would not bottom out at 0V, still trying to correct that but I think I would have to take the car to the dealer and get it adjusted with some serious machinery, for now it runs fine gets me where I want to go, so all is well.

great car now that I fixed most of it's problems. Just this morning I was doing a highway ramp at 60kmph, it was a preatty steep curve and the car handled like a rock, can't ask for more then that out of something so old


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