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Originally Posted by cmac2012 View Post
Whoa, thatís weird. I didnít notice it was a different name next to your avatar. Sneaky. What the hell man?

By the way I have an OM603, my Ď86 SDL and I donít know what an OFV is.

One thing this thread has perhaps enlightened me about, I clicked on Diseasel300ís Recent posts button and I thought he perhaps passed away several years ago. Iím pretty sure itís been about three years since I quit seeing posts from him. And yet here he is posting about a year ago.

This site has been invaded by scammers.

The OFV has a spring inside of it. That spring wears out over time. Folks somehow believe that if you take the spring and stretch it out, it somehow renews the spring. It actually makes it worse. The OFV is on the inboard side of the IP, between the IP and block. You can follow the clear fuel line down to it.
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