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I think Mike is correct.

I saved a recent posting from this site regarding the shifter bushings replacement:

"Replace shifter bushings

it's a little hard ..... What you needed to do is:

-Turn your ignition into ON position.
-Move selector to N position. If you tried to do it in the P position, you are just making it hard.
-Pull hand brake and block wheel
-Separate the two levers apart (male from female)
-Silicone spray the bushing
-Using long needle nose pliers, squeeze one side in and then work the other side
-Put the snap ring and you're done

It took me 20 minutes. 5 minutes to get it out from between the heat shield and catalytic converter area."

This repair is done from inside the car so you need access to the shifter through the console.

Also see: Shifter bushings

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