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Originally Posted by Diseasel300 View Post
I'm almost never on this forum anymore. I just turned 40 last year, I'm too young to be passing away like that.

Nobody here is interested in actual information or first hand-experience on anything, just coddling to make them feel better about taking an incredibly long time to circle back to the root cause. Like, if you're not willing to turn a wrench on your own car, why are you here?

I finally got annoyed by a couple of jackasses handing out downright WRONG or destructive information to a couple of people a few years ago and pulled the plug. I check in from time to time, but I'm not active here. I am building yet another 300SDL, but no point posting here about it.
Thatís a shame. You have a ton of great research and expertise on these cars.

I just reported the scammer in this thread.
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