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As another heads up.

All sway bars to be shipped have been shipped by USPS today, April 26, 2024. I have refunded all excess shipping deposits. The refunds consists of the amount deposited minus the actual shipping expense minus the PP fees. I was a little surprised when it came to shipping. It was a little cheaper than expected. To go from S.C. to California, it was $73.00, Zone 8, with $300 worth of insurance, for example.

For those sway bars being hand delivered, those individuals south of Washington, D.C. along the I-95 corridor: May 7, 2024 is the date I am planning on being on the road. Please make sure your calendars are free.

For those sway bars north of Washington, D.C., I am planning on or about June 21st. However, for this person, shipping may be around $30-$40. Not sure if you want to explore this option-- I can ship your sway bar tomorrow if you send me $50 and I will refund the difference.
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