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I have had a continuing charging problem and I think I've exhausted all attempts at fixing it. A new battery has lasted about 6-9 months before it dies. I've checked all wires and all appear to be intact. The voltage at the battery with the car off is 13V, but 12V when running. I removed the alternator and had it bench tested where it registered 1.5V, but I'm not impressed with the hook-up knowledge of the local auto parts store staff! I replaced the alternator with a new one, and the battery voltage when running is still 12V. On a hunch, I checked the voltage at the B+, single lead terminal of the alternator and it read 12V! What am I missing here? Assuming I tested the alternator incorrectly (must have), would it be possible that the starter solenoid is involved? I'm absolutely stumped and would appreciate any insight!
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