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The only downside would be that the mapping would be different between the 3.2 and 3.6. I'm not afraid to pull a binary and try to figure out which maps are what and swap them into the older HFM. If the injectors are the same that shouldn't be a big deal, if they are different then it will be a big deal. The programming has a variable referred to as the injector constant which would need to be changed. Finding that variable would be nearly impossible without assistance. I should put checking the injectors in EPC on the list.

I got the 3.6 pulled this weekend. I want to do a bit of cleaning to the CE engine bay before stabbing it in. The insulation on the firewall is also poor, I need to figure out how to tidy that up as well. I'll also need to pull the trans cross member from the parts E320.. The 202 cross member doesn't interchange.
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