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It's out of a '96 C36 and that's how it was built. The CE had a 722.5 , obvious by the wonky 5 speed shifter. There's no way I'm putting one of those turds back into the CE so the shifter will need to be swapped. The rear diff is also an issue, since it had a five speed the rear ratio is 3.69. The C36 has a 2.87 which is a little tall for my liking but it does have an AMG tag and that alone my just be worth more than a bit of off the line grunt.

90 300TE 4-M
Turbo 103, T3/T04E 50 trim
T04B cover .60 AR
Stage 3 turbine .63 AR
A2W I/C, 40 LB/HR
MS2E, 60-2 Direct Coil Control
3" Exh, AEM W/B O2
Underdrive Alt. and P/S Pulleys,
Vented Rear Discs, .034 Booster.
3.07 diffs 1st Gear Start

90 300CE
Milled & ported head, 10.3:1 compression
197 intake cam w/20 advancer
4 ignition advance
PCS TCM2000, built 722.6
600W networked suction fan
Sportline sway bars
V8 rear subframe, Quaife ATB 3.06 diff
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