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Cool A year ago today...

...I hopped onto a National Airlines (of course, they ceased to exist about 6 months later) 757 and flew out to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, where I was picked up by a board member who has since stopped posting, and laid eyes on my 300D for the first time. What ensued was described by a fellow board member as "a soap opera", and can be best described by reading this thread.

In the year that I've owned the car, I've done or replaced so far:

Kindly asked TXBill and leathermang to perform a compression test (thanks again! )
Both drive axleshafts (one of them twice)
Differential fluid twice (because of above)
One tire (someone slashed it )
All 4 sets of brake pads
Both rear brake rotors
Replaced and repacked both sets of front wheel bearings
Both fuel filters
Air filter twice
Fuel return lines
Voltage Regulator
Vaccum hose between pump and brake booster (oops )
Air cleaner-to-valve cover hose
Cleaned out the hood drains

I still need to replace the cruise control amplifier, the engine driven fan clutch, the air cleaner mounts (want to change to a different style air cleaner), and the auxiliary fan, along with something to make the seats decent (probably a lost cause), but otherwise this has been a great car!

I've gotten an average of 25.411 miles to a gallon (max of 30.556 and a minimum of 22.456), have poured $1,119.25 into the car's fuel tank, and have put another $701.75 into maintaining the car (I expect that this number will go down; I had to do what in my eyes is a fair amount of maintenance this last year), for a total cost of $0.11 per mile over the 17,004 miles that I've driven her thus far.

Just thought I'd share
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