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I would disconnect the vacuum retard. Consider this, loosen the distributor enough to move it but so it wont rotate when running. Warm up the car, with the vacuum advance connected, advance the dist until it runs the fastest and smoothest. Retard the timing a bit. Adjust the carbs/idle speed if needed, lock the dist down. Drive it. If it pings when you floor it, runs too hot at idle, or is hard to start when heat soaked, then retard the timing. Use the highest octane fuel you can get.

I guess the main point I am making is the timing numbers are old when fuel was different and based on emissions standards of the time. Your engine could have different compression from a rebuild, different cam, etc. So set timing to what the car says and enjoy.

As a side note the hotrod community is converting me to use manifold vacuum for the advance instead of ported. This makes for lots advance at idle and high speed cruise, retards the timing when the throttle is opened thus reducing pinging.
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