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After calling around to all the Mercedes shops looking for a core 722.3 to pull the tailshaft housing from, it was obvious I was gonna have to hit a U-Pull yard. Thankfully there was one cable drive speedo car listed in all the local yard's inventory. It was a pretty rough one but it had the part I need. The tailhousing came out without too much fight. The speedo drive / park gear slips right out along with the oil pipe.

This was the only thing I was waiting for to drop the engine/trans into the car. In addition to the speedo drive, the trans mount is also different between the coupe and the C36. I didn't want to futz with that in the car and this will be really easy to swap over in the shop floor. If all goes well, I may get the engine/trans dropped in tomorrow evening.
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90 300TE 4-M
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90 300CE
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4 ignition advance
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