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for 20k you have quite a few options.

If you are into a 4 door, an e320/e420/e500-500e would be a great car to get.

I have a 92 300CE with 78k miles on it, and is a great car.

I personally prefer the coupe but the 4 door is an excellent car.

The E Class mercedes drive great, and are not too big but not too small. Power is also good and gas milage for me so far has been excellent.

If I were to have 20k to spend, I'd look for a 94 and up e class.

You can probably get a 400e/e420 for less than 20k, and you might be able to find a 500e/e500 for a similar price if you are lucky.

You can definately get a 300e/e320/300ce for around $15k with decent mileage.

My head gasket in my 300ce is only now starting to leak but it leaks virtually nothing. my mechanic pointed it out and said dont worry about it until it gets worse.

in any case, you can't go wrong with a benz.

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