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'95 E300D Muffler Buzzing Again!

A few years ago (at 50K miles), Mercedes replaced the muffler in my '95 E300D under warranty because of a buzzing noise at idle. The buzzing resulted from some loose debris inside the muffler (which was obvious when you shook the muffler from side to side). The new muffler solved the problem.

In a post I was reading some time ago (which I'm having trouble finding now), I recall that someone had the same problem and mentioned something about an upstream exhaust component that was deteriorating and sending debris into the muffler (maybe a catalytic converter?).

Is anyone familiar with this issue? I now have the problem reoccuring in my second muffler (at 110K miles). If the debris is originating from a failing exhaust component, I'd like to consider replacement WITH the muffler to prevent the same problem in another 50K miles.

Chris S.

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