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John Stephens
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I have a 1971 350 SL (euro version) and need some more understanding on the serial numbers. Can you suply info or confirm what i've figured out to date? The numbers i have are:
chassis w107.043-12-002948
w107 - wedge style body
043 - model 350 with 3.5 L engine
1 - left hand drive
2 - automagic trans
002948 - number 2948 off the line

Engine 116.982 12 802112
116 - 3.5 L
982 - don't know but suspect efi vs cis
12 - same as chassis
802112 - serial no.??

Can you supply HP (sae) and torque info on this engine??

also on cold starts the engine cycles between 600 and 1800 rpm until it's warm. Was this a feature for faster and mechanically better warmups or is there something wrong with the vacuum / efi connections?

Is timing chain stretch a problem with this small block V8??


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