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Thank you for the speedy reply. I figured out the nuances of the search here and read your posts on the R&R you did, as well as the other posts on the subject, and the pictoral sequence on Lots of good info.

My car has the double roller chain, and the owners manual shows an entry for "timing chain mod" at 80,000 miles. The car is at 184,000 miles now. The chain does not look old at all, no varnish, etc... and I don't see any broken (yellow, not dark) guide pieces, which kind of threw me as to what exactly happened to this engine. I did find out that the car failed smog a few weeks before I bought it so I'm guessing the valve timing was all over the place.

Because of the one broken cam, and the earlier quoted cost of that tool, the idea of just buying a complete head at a pull your own parts kind of place came to mind. Complete engines even can be had for cheap at those yards, but I'd guess most would need at least a timing chain and guides too. A guaranteed used engine with warranty would be around $1200 + shipping. I've never even driven this car or heard it run and it's a SEL, not a SEC or a SL, so it has no real appeal on the marketplace, so I want to do what I can on a budget.

I'll just get the car where I can work on it, then get the head off and go from there.
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