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Well she started doing it again.
So I pulled and replaced the air mass sensor because my brushes that hit the potentiometer were shreding. Put in a very nice used one and replaced the rubber ducting and throttle switch while I was at it. Got her started with some help from Steve. But the test drive shows the familiar problem.
So to recap, I have centered and adjusted the air mass sensor, replaced the potentiometer, replace the throttle switch. Still have the stall on acceleration.

I have 2 concerns can the EHA cause this (not sure but do not think so) and secondly can the new potentiometer be bad. I have 3 (2 clearly worn) however, and all show at about 3.96-4.01 Kohms my meter loses the nice consistant signal and goes to OL (out of range) then come straight back. This is read from pin 1 and 2.

I am desperate as although not a lot of money has gone into this alot of my time has, and while I have a better understanding of the car, I still have this stumble.

The good news is I have put my euro lights on so am very happy with those.
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