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Originally posted by downsmith
If I am not mistaken, does the anti-theft system have a tow switch that when the car is "lifted up" such as a tow truck would, that it disables the car?
No antitheft on this car, but it's a good hypothesis in cars that do!

Latest update: I went out to the car today, and before anything else, tried starting it. Varoom! Instant start, clean idle.

Completely baffled by this one. My experience has been that ignition problems sometimes self-heal with some time spent sitting (wet distributors and the like), but the electricals were dry and tested on this car. I was pretty sure it was a fuel issue. Sounds like most of you who responded were also focused on fuel as a cause.

I shut the engine off quickly, as the block does not yet have coolant in it (the car was on the ramps for a block drain and coolant change). Further diagnostics will have to wait until after the coolant is in.

My next chore is to figure out how to refill the block on a 380 engine. The service CD for the 107 cars describes some crazy gig involving jumpering the auxiliary (heater) coolant pump -- there must be a more sensible way!

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