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Originally posted by psfred
Unless you pull the drain plugs in the block, with the water pump installed, the block will contain water almost up to the top of the "V" in the center -- as i discovered while sealing the cracks the idiot PO caused on my 280SE by not putting anitfreeze in it when the water pump leaked.....

Ouch! What an awful thing to allow to happen to a great car. Yeah, you have my sympathies, I'm in PO hell right now.

Well, at least on the 380. The 500E had a *great* PO who seems to have done everything professionally, by the book, and on time. I can't find a single thing to ***** him out about. Wish that they were all that way.

I have to say that I was very impressed with the volume of fluid that came forth from both block drains. Easily the volumetric equal of the rad and expansion tank combined.

Note to future wrenchers who may find this thread -- you really should pull both block drains if you want to get everything. I pulled the PS plug first, and then DS a few minutes later after PS stopped flowing, and got a big immediate rush of water from the DS plug. By no means does it all come out from only one of the drains.

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