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warm AC air/ aux fan on all the time @ normal temps?

Hi, I used the search and after about 30 Minutes or so of reading through posts that came up. I may be one of the less fortunate (DUMB) ones. But I really don't have the Time and patience to search and read through every single post that the came up and has nothing to do with my problem. Well ok I searched for 45 munutes or so, so please understand my frustration. OK ON to my problem. I sprayed my engine off with some water. Now when I drive it the AC doesn't work anymore. I also noticed that my aux fan is now on all of the time. My temp stays the same (normal) if that helps any? My AC has always worked fine untill I sprayed that water on it. also I know that I didn't crack the block or anything because the engine was cold. I don't feel horsepower loss when I turn the AC on. My car is a 87 300D turbo-603.96.133 I think. thanks for any replies. and have a nice day.
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