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If the compressor switches on for a short time, then cuts out and won't come back on even if you turn the ACC on and off, you probably have a greasy serpentine belt (for sure if you sprayed detergent in there!).

A slipping belt will cause the ACC to turn the compressor off to prevent engine lockup due to a failed compressor. There is a speed sensor in the compressor, so if you soaked the connection, it may have shorted and the Klima relay thinks it's not turning fast enough and shuts it off.

Check all the connectors you sprayed for water inside and dry them if there is. Rinse the serpentine belt with clear water if you got detergent on it, and if it is in bad shape, replace it.

If you sprayed up near the fuse box, you may have water in the relays up there, too, you may need to pull them and dry them off.

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