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Originally posted by GregS
There is tension put on the belt with the timing belt tension pulley. There is a allen head bolt that runs through this pulley to hold it in place. You have to first loosen this bolt, then loosen the tension-adjusting bolt that is sticking up next to the power steerring pump. Once this is all loose, then the belt can be replaced. Each car has a distinct way to tighten the belt (based on marks on the tensioner), so you really should look up your specific car in a manual.

Huh? Sounds like the belt tensioner for an M103. On an OM603, remove the nut at the top hooking point of the tensioning spring, stick the lug wrench in the tensioner pivot and twist clockwise just enough to relieve tension enough to pull back on the bolt the nut was attached to. Then twist counterclockwise and unhook the spring.

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