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Funky smelling white smoke on warmup is usually the trasmission modulator leaking and sucking tranny fluid into the intake. It leaks in overnight, then burns off as the engine warms up.

To check, pull the vac line at the modulator, it's easier to reach than the intake banjo bolt. If there is any tranny fluid in there, replace the modulator.

Bad thing is that I've never heard of an MB modulator actually sucking out tranny fluid, it works via a separate actuating rod, not inside the tranny like American ones. Not impossible, though.

Check the smell -- if it smells of glycol, you have a coolant leak into the combustion chambers during warmup, possibly via the warmup regulator in the intake manifold.

Could also be sucking extra oil out of the valve covers during warmup, but I don't know how.

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