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I am learning...

Steve Brotherton

You wrote :

You have given us little more than to say your car is broken and ask what is wrong. I don't wish to be negative, but it is insulting to think that people think automotive technology is so easy. No wonder people think auto repair cost too much. Listen to simple description of problem, move car to shop, wave ones hand, and come out with a big bill. I'd be pi**ed too.

I want to have somewhat of an idea of what's wrong (if that is possible in this case)... obviously only guessing by symptoms... before having someone work on my car.

No offence intended.

Everyday, I am learning more about my car from this forum, and you are one of the "Jedi Masters" on this forum.

My apologies if my post has caused you to feel insulted.

Sunil - I have not made any adjustments to the mixture prior to the symptoms.All the components you mentioned have been checked and in fact, recently renewed.Your comments with regards to the cold start valve make sense. I believe the cold start valve is controlled by a thermo time device.

Anyway, I am having the car taken to my indie for transmission problems.I will ask him to sort this issue for me.

In any case, I would be interested to know how to setup my digital multimeter to read the EHA current.

My kid bro's 190e seems to be running a little rich and we would like to check on it with my MM.

Thanks for all your help, guys.
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