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Problem solved for now - but I hate it when a repair has to happen this way. I pulled the 6 silver relays in the fuse box and checked them - they were all good. I pulled the #1 fuse for the aux fan and though it looked good with absolutely no corrosion - I cleaned the ends with 4oo grit sandpaper and re-installed it. That is all I did. Now the fan comes on properly when the two wires from the high pressure sensor are shorted together like it is supposed to and for the first time - if I remove the cap from the temp sensor on the top of the engine by the cruise control - the fan comes on high like it is supposed to. Temps up here only went to 77F this week end and when I took the car on the highway with the air on max - I froze but the engine temp never went over 95C - appears to cycle from 85C to 95C - which is normal. Since everything is now working good - I can only assume that there was a faulty connection where the relays plug in and by uninstalling and reinstalling the relays - it cured the problem. Before I did this there was no 12 volts to the wire to the high pressure sensor - now there is. Go figure - I will enjoy it while it works and wait to see if it lasts. Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I will keep you all posted.
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