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Richard Ney
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Jason/ Thanks you opinion is apreciated/
You right, we like to have everything in good or excelent working conditions on our cars /
Besides Mercedes is Mercedes and doesn't look right when someone ask for something on you car, and you response have to be...yeah, sure, it is a gage that is not working for the past six months, but the car runs like a dream anyway/ That is a no-no on a Mercedes owner/
The good think about all this and at times ironic is the following: today you just no only have to have some money to own a Mercedes, you have to be mechanicaly incline
and know what you talking about/ Years ago you were able to get away if you just have money or you were mechanich incline / today the second option is out of question/
Other than changing bulbs and filling few holes with chemicals, you have to have a shop to diagnose everything and spend hours to find out that you have to change a relay that years ago you did have in you garage by the dozens.
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