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Unhappy Newbie Question


Hate to ask this "dumb" question but I can't find what ALDA stands for and where exactly can I find it, and also the EGR, I want to tinker some more with my ride, I had the valve adjusted last week and I really felt the difference in her, I actually brought her in because of a busted velocity # 2 both rears and # 2 suspension bushing it cost me a lot of bucks("pesos" to be exact), I was planning to have my injectors "calibrated", as we call it here, but I guess I'll just to have to wait for some more budget for it. I've noticed that my idle became a little rough after the adjusments, although I also had my water pumps replaced, I don't know the connection but from what I've read so far it might be some vacuum leak or something, maybe some of the hoses were inadvertently pulled or something, because this has happened already when I had my oil change before and one of the vacuum got pulled and I have stop the engine manually

Anyway back to my original question about the ALDA and the EGR, will tinkering on it increase my engine's pull?

Thanks, and please, please be patient with me, I've had my ride for about a little over two years now, and I bought it with a new 300 D Turbo (617.952), originally it was a 230TE, there are some blow-by, and some smoke on idle but she still gives me a good ride. I was thinking that the reason her velocity and suspension bushing got busted was when I loaded her with seven passengers, but I was just following the recommended at the fuel cover forgetting that the original owner had already switched to conventional shocks and that brings me to another question can I resurrect the self-leveling hydraulic suspensions on her? even though my new engine is for a sedan

sorry for the veryyyyy looooong post


Joseph C.
April 1984 300TDT
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