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The outside temp here in MD is showing as 92-93F. If I rev the engine for a bit while stationery and have the AC on, either normal (open top arrow) or multi level (both arrows filled), the aux fan kicks on after a few minutes, with the engine temp reading around 80C. Whether it is HIGH or LOW is anyone's guess. It sure doesn't look LOW to's movin'! When I kill the AC, the fan turns off after about 10 seconds. Am I to assume this means the AC pressure sensor is working?

[Re the switches Normal is what it says to use most of the time. Air comes out all the vents except the defrost when cooling and all the vents including defrost when heating. On Multi Level it comes out all the vents including def. whether heating or cooling. (That is unless your center diaphragm is cooked like mine and it comes out the def. no matter what button you use...)]

When I pull the left two prong plug (which just cracked) on the temp sensor I can't get the fan to kick in. Since the plug is a bit stale, can you or Arthur suggest whether the plug or the sensor might be the problem. If the plug, is this a part I can order from Fastlane?


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