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what sort of miles has your car cdone so far.

if it has high miles,then spark plug wires are the most likely cause for your skip.

my car had done 115,000 miles when a misfire(skip) developed.

it was intermittent,not reproduceable in the garage,and i like yourself had replaced the plugs,distributor cap,and rotor with no joy.

however,on replacing the spark wires for 30(us$45) for my 4 cylinder car,the skip disappeared.

you could do the night time test to check youer spark plug wires.

switch on your engine and let it idle,this should be done in the dark, and if you then open your hood and look into the engine bay,you may be able to see arcing from the spark plug wires if they are faulty.

by the way, fastlane may be able to supply the wires made by bosch which will be cheaper than going to the dealer.

good luck.
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