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Without looking up that particular refrigerant I can tell you that it falls into one of two categories, it is a hydrocarbon (flammable) or it is a blend.

If it is a hydrocarbon it is illegal for use in Mobile a/c systems in 18 states. If it is a blend then when a leak occurs you have to recover, evacuate and totally recharge.

Regardless of which category it falls into, to use it legally you have to install the correct fittings and label the system. Most people violate this law which leads to it being recovered by an auto a/c shop which results in the contamination of all refrigerant in that recovery tank. This means that this junk contaminates a lot of refrigerant costing the independent shops lots of money. Them losing money means that they have to pass on this expense to their innocent customers or go out of business.

In my experience there is never something for nothing in life. Either use R12 or convert to R134a and you will be in good shape.

When you see these alternative refrigerants you should immediately think "Snake Oil."

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