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Well it could be as easy as a fuse, but it could be as ugly as a vacum pump (under rear seat). When you turn the key it closes a circuit and starts the pump it will then draw down the acutators and lock all the doors trunk and gas door, going the other way it will unlock all those items. I think you have a lock switch on the inside try it and if it locks and unlocks, the microswitch on the door is bad. What happens if you try and lock the car from the trunk, or what are the remotes doing 92 and up had remotes!
I just went back and your remote is doa also. Back to the pump there was a bulletiin about bad hoses on some pumps, if you can hear it run and then shut down (times out) that could be the problem. Check with your dealer there was a hose kit, it was discussed in the "Star a few months ago"

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