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Richard Ney
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Steve/ with all you good intentions, I believe that you not understand me corrrectly. My questions was probably too long and you forget to remember the beginning of my coments. I did said that "paying for so many years with out asking to many questions" to be exact since 1973 when I started to purchase new cars./ Having experience with dealers for that long, dont you think that I have reasons to be a little concern?
If I just want to go to the Bank to make deposits every day, I don't think the 400SEL would have been my choise of transportation.
You said and make me sound like I just want nothing to do with taking care of an expensive car. Is not the case here, it have to do with the point of a consumer at the mercy of some individuals who may think we own the Bavarian Bank just by chosing to drive a 93 Mercedes/
Please understand that from you own words, you said that you can write anything on those reports, maybe was just a rush to said that? I don't think you will exercise that option.
Continue you success and when I move to Florida, you probably going to be my good contact there. I like you honesty but,
happens that I fill like... againg, being portrait as Mr. Paul Getty, rest in peace...
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