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Calling for AC help.. Experts out there??? I have readings.

AC cools a little.. Nothing spectacular. Only when I'm driving down the road.. Electric fans blows fine.. I did not check vent temps, but they aren't real low.. Compressor is not noisy..

Outside temp 83 degrees.. It's always humid here at least in the summer..

@2500 RPM

Low side 45 psi

High side close to 400 Psi

With the engine off, the gagues do not equalize.. High side stays at about 225, and low side goes up to about 70 or so..

My wild, poorly educated guess, is that the expansion valve is clogged..

I would love to know what someone elses very educated, expert guess is..

Help.. I'm real close to having a VERY nice car..

89 300SEL Money Pit

92 Blown Buick Ultra Pimpmobile 220K and adding 1K per week

88 Wagoneer Slightly modified (Not for soccer moms)

04 Kia Sedona with every option... NICE
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