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94 E320 electronic accelerator pedal actuator

Hello All

A problem developed with my wife's 94 E320 while at the cottage. I had my brother post to the forum last week (no internet at the cottage) and the comments came back that the problem described was likely the electronic accelerator pedal actuator. I left her my Jeep and drove the 320 back home (2+ hours) with no problems other than a noise (and vibration) best described as a dry bearing sound coming from the accelerator pedal actuator. Having looked through the CD this item has a DC motor in it so I guess that could be the noise. I am also getting error code 6, which confirms this system.


The CD has limited info on the removal and replacement of the actuator any points to consider?

Are the units serviceable, or are rebuilt units available?

Brace me for the price of a new unit.

Thanks again,

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