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The real problem today is that all consumers do not want to be inconvienced and or spend any of their hard earned money to maintain any item. At the first sign of a problem with any mechanical device they immeaditely seek to find another person that is responsable or is at fault in some way so that they will not be responsable. People tend to have an advesarial relationship with a mechanic and do not give the shop a chance to explain the problem or the charges. The only thing the people see is that the car ran without any work for five years, I don't have any other transportation, I donot have the time for the repair, and I donot have the money to pay for it. In a society that has become used to instant gratification an automobile that needs repair is a major problem and some one is going to pay the emotional price, IE the mechanic not the consumer who failed to maintain the vehicle. People have gotten used to cars that need fewer repairs but are very unhappy when they do break. Ya'll have a good night and I will get off my soapbox. Paul
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