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I have a 1995 C280 and was side-swiped while making a left turn by a car running a red light. I'd say the car that hit me was going at least 40 mph. Anyhow, my car sustained a lot of damage to the right rear side. The passenger airbag deployed cracking the windshield and the rear door is caved in (the door is so bent its no longer flush with the frame) and the right rear wheels is bent in. Also, the trunk is mis-aligned and won't close properly - although its not mangled. Also, the rear bumper is about to fall off, and the car was spun around after being hit. I have had the car towed to a Mercedes dealer in Plano, TX. He said the car wasn't totaled and they've seen much worse. I guy at the bodyshop said the car would need a new rear quarter panel, rocker panel, door frame, the rear suspension is cremed, etc. I'm just curious to know if the car can ever be rebuilt and drive the same? Independent from what the insurnace decides, I would like to know if the car really can be rebuilt properly to its conditio before the accident (before this one it had only had the front bumper hit) Taking into account the way the car was hit - I would assume the car would have lost structural integrity and have a warped frame and probably not drive the same anymore, but anyhow, I would like to hear from Benzmac and his assessment on the car. I would imagine that the steel near the right B-pillar on the passenger side would be bent in the hit? Basically, I just wanted to know if the car was realy repairable and the body shop estimated 8-9K worth of the work on the car. Any respones/comments/things I should know would be appreciated.

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