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300 oil consumption

Thanks for the advise. The valve job that was done was a complete valve seals and stems. In fact, it technically has be done 2 times due to the reworking of the valve job when I returned with a worsened problem. I am sure the mechanic did a leak down test. On the first valve job, excessive oil was getting into 2,3, and 4 cylinders and completely fouling the number 2 out causing a miss. It was redone and that helped the problem since the car has not starting missing and it has been a couple of months and before within 2 days it was missing. The machine shop stated they could not find anything wrong with the heads, but the amount of consumption was lowered when they reworked the heads the 2nd time. I have oftened wondered if the mechine shop really knew what they were doing. If I had the money, I would take to the dealer and have them replace the rings and do another complete valve job. But, unfortunately, I do not have an extra $1200-$1400. The valve job done by my mechanic cost almost $800. He said he had done probably 12-15 300se's just recently using the machine shop and this was the first one that had ever had any problems.
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