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Just wanted to report back on the status of the car. I finally picked up the car October 24, over 4.5 months after the accident. I can actually say the car drives, looks, and feels better than before the accident. It was fixed at a Benz dealership in Plano and they did a good job, but straigtening the frame took a month because the technician for the machine got sick. Anyhow, the damages cost a little over $16,000 - a whole new right rear door was put on, inside and out, a new rear quarter panel, side skirt, and other various pieces of sheet metal around the gas tank. Also, a whole new subframe was put on the rear and and upfront, as well as all new suspension components in the rear and some steering compoents up front, a whole new dash was put in with new wood on top near defroster vents, new rear-view mirror, new front windshield, new steering wheels, and various other interior peices like trunk linings, plastic trim pieces, exterior moldings, etc. Basically,t he car handles and drives like a new car with the new suspension compoents (because they were all original - I wish front could be replaced, but maybe they don't need). There were a few problems with the work like minor plastic trims pieces not replaced and the steering wheel was put on crooked to the right, trim molding on room loose, parking brake loose, aftermarket amp wire missing, plus a few more things. In other words, I not taking the car back until its fixed up to standards.

The car really does look like a new car expecially with the new windshield and fresh paint job - I couldn't tell the difference in paint and I'm very picky. Funny, how the car actually went through an accident, but ends up beter inside and out after it, with so many new parts - even new airbags (since old ones were about to expire)

Is there any final checks/or things I should make sure they did right - also, is there a way I can get them to tighten the parking brake and have it covered under insurance?

I apprecaite your assitance/comments in this matter. Also, any other mods you could suggest (I don't want to alter the suspension any - because the factor suspension performs the best overall) but anything else would be appreciated!


1995 Euro C280
*Kompressor rims
*K&N Air Filter
*Custom Intake/Exhaust
*Bored Throttle Body
*Modified ECU
*Bilstein Sports soon
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