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Unhappy 1984 280CE will not start

I need help in diagnosing this problem with my 84 280CE european import. Last winter on the coldest day of the year the car stalled on the way to work. I could restart it but when I would put it in gear it would stall. Had it towed back home but now it will not turnover. I need a good diagram of what components are in the ignition system. I could only find a Haynes manual for model years 77 thru 81 and I am not sure if the diagram for the ignition system is the same for a 1984 280CE. In the manual it shows 2 ballast resistors which are not in this car. I measure 12vdc at points 15 to ground on the coil with the ignition switch on. The manual says it should be 4 -7 vdc. I measure 12dv at point 1 to ground on the coil and the manual says it should be .5 to 2 volts max. The coil primary and secondary resistance is within specs according to the manual .7 ohms on the primary and 9.64 K ohms on the secondary. Before I spend money on an ignition control unit, I need some more information that will help me to further diagnose this problem.
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