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Old 10-25-2000, 10:16 AM
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I just took my car (1976 230.4) to a specialized mechanic who knows the Stromberg 175 CD carb. He found that there was a problem with my carb's vacuum. On top of the carb there is a regulator that helps the push/pull effect to raise the carb's piston/fuel needle. He removed one of these lines to help create a stronger pull, because of his belief that the piston was worn.

Long story short, I'm having problems starting the car when cold without these short rubber vacuum lines attached to the carb, but I stall in traffic if I don't remove them after I start the car. When I give it gas, it takes a while before it revs high, and then is fine all day.

Any advise or help would be appreciated, it's beginning to get cold here and I worry about starting in winter.

1976 230.4 W115

P.S. The carb was rebuilt last Feb. and the mixture/idle is fine.
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