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Hi all, I just noticed this today as some friggin moron pulled into my lane causing me to slam the brakes on hard.

The left front appears to have a grinding/metal crunch noise under high braking pressure.

I have a feeling it might be a warped rotor or worn suspension bushing in the left front. I can feel it under my left foot. Is it possible that front left shock is going bad and is letting the tire rub? It doesnt seem like a rub as I can feel it in the floorboard and in the brake pedal.

This only happens during very hard braking.

I would like to know what it could be and if I should worry about it right now.

The feeling almost feels like the pad is grinding into the rotor, but the rotors look fine.

Could it be a defective pad?

I hope that this is something that is not major for repairs, and if its a DIY job, I'd love to do it myself to save on the labor.

I've done work on my other cars, from brake jobs, tuneups, radiator flushes and valve covers, but have never gone into major repairs. Though working on American cars and in the one case an old 1980 MGB I had, is easy as hell, I would prefer to know if its more than a DIY, so I can schedule to take the car to my mechanic.

If it has to deal with replaing rotors/pads, I am sure can handle that, or simple tuning work, but when it comes down to dismantling major stuff, don't let me near a wrench hehe. I can take it apart, but putting it back together is the harder part.. I don't want to end up with any extra nuts or bolts after I'm done.. hehehe

Please advise, I would like to get it taken care of ASAP.

Also want to know if motor mounts/tranny mounts would cause my shift knob to rock a bit under accelleration and braking. if I hold it, it doesnt move. I was thinking the tranny mounts may be shot.

I checked for play in the drive shaft and all seemed solid.

My main concern is the brake issue, but as long as I may have to take it to the shop, I figure I'd get the mounts done if they are needed.

Other than that the car drives and feels great.

Thanks for any help,


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