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I replaced all the links on the rear of my car ('86 300E) and finally figured out the Fast Lane equivalent name for all the links (as compared to the MB manual):

MB Name--------------------------->FastLane name

1. Thrust arm ---------------------> Thrust arm
2. Tie rod -------------------------> Control arm strut
3. Torque strut -------------------> Control Arm Stay
4. Camber strut ------------------> Camber strut
4. Spring Link ---------------------> Sway bar link

Phil at Parts shop has a kit that includes items 1 thru 4 above and all the required hardware (bolts and sleeve) (for both left and right sides) called the 210 KIT (in the partsshop web page type 210 KIT - including space and caps) for $225 which is a great deal.

Also, on an older 124 chassis (like my '86) you will need an extra set of bolts (210 350 45 06) and sleeve (210 352 00 43) (for the torque strut) apart from what is included in the 210 KIT.
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