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If you're not sure what ABS feels like, find a dirt road, or a road with loose sand or some such on it, then mash the brakes at moderate speed. Oh, yeah, do this when there is NO TRAFFIC, and don't forget to steer! The ABS will engage, and you can experiment with the sound and feel. It won't hurt anything on the car.

I do this occasionally to relieve boredom...

I also "test" ABS on each car during the first few snowfalls each year, to gauge the traction available, or lack thereof, and to remind me what the ABS feels like. It's different on each car.

BTW, when the ABS on the Suburban engages, the pedal drops fast and it feels like it will NEVER stop! 6,000lbs of IS hard to stop on slippery roads

My $0.02

Good luck, and safe motoring
BCingU, Jim

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